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Georgia's newest flag was designed in May, 2003; it has three horizontal stripes, red, white, and red, with a blue square in the canton position (the upper left area of the flag). In the blue square is a circle of 13 white, five-pointed stars around the seal of the state of Georgia (pictured in yellow). The Georgia state seal pictures three pillars (symbolizing the three branches of government in the USA: the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial) under an arch (symbolizing the Constitution), the year 1776 (the date of the Declaration of Independence), and banners reading "CONSTITUTION," "JUSTICE," "WISDOM," and "MODERATION." Under the pillars are the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST." The governor of Georgia signed an executive order establishing this new flag for the state of Georgia. In March 2004, the people of Georgia voted to keep it and not the flag adopted in 2001. Georgia was the 4th state in the USA; it became a state in 1788.

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  3x5' Georgia Outdoor Flag
Code: 35GEo
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  3x5' Georgia Indoor Flag
Code: 35GEi
Weight: 1.25
Price: $62.20
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