Emerson Bratach Printing

Bratach Digiteach

  1. Bullet Emerson’s signature Bratach Digiteach digitally printed custom flags and banners are created by using a non-toxic, water based, digital inkjet sublimation printing process that combines state of the art digital technology with old world craftsmanship to produce clean, crisp, faithful reproductions of your most intricate designs.

  1. Bullet This print process starts with white fabric and the colors are mixed as they print onto the fabric. The background color will be dyed in the printing process as the ink penetrates deeply into the fabric’s core.

  1. Bullet In this process there is a greater capacity for detail with true 600 dpi (dots per inch) making it ideal for prints with many colors. And, no minimum orders means that this process is perfect for low volume print production.

  1. Bullet The result is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, vibrant and color rich article of superior quality.

Bratach Sioda

  1. Bullet Emerson’s exclusive Bratach Sioda screen print process, a form of silk screening, is the ideal method to make multiple units of custom designed flags and banners.

  1. Bullet It is perfect for bulk printing as it gets increasingly less expensive as the number of pieces increases.

  1. Bullet In traditional screen print processing the plastisol inks, comprised of four or fewer colors, actually lay on top of the fabric.

  1. Bullet We, however, use the modern and environmentally friendly Bratach Sioda water based screen print process that results in rich vibrant colors that actually sit into the fabric rather than lay on top of it.  In short, our water based screen print process creates a superior article that is better for our environment and your organization.