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  Size 0 -Full Set
Code: 256000
Weight: 5.50
Price: $429.90
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 0 -Individual Code Flag
Code: 256000a
Weight: 1.00
Price: $30.10
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 2 -Full Set
Code: 256050
Weight: 8.25
Price: $642.80
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 2 -Individual Code Flag
Code: 256050a
Weight: 1.00
Price: $30.70
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 3 -Full Set
Code: 256100
Weight: 11.00
Price: $700.40
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 3 - Individual Code Flag
Code: 256100a
Weight: 1.00
Price: $32.30
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 7 - Full Set
Code: 256150
Weight: 17.50
Price: $1,123.20
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 7 - Individual Code Flag
Code: 256150a
Weight: 1.00
Price: $33.20
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 10 - Full Set
Code: 256200
Weight: 27.75
Price: $1,604.90
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 10 - Individual Code Flag
Code: 256200a
Weight: 1.25
Price: $45.20
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 14 - Full Set (Supplied with Snaphooks)
Code: 256250
Weight: 47.50
Price: $2,019.60
Quantity in Basket: none

  Size 14 - Individual Code Flag (Supplied with Snaphooks)
Code: 256250a
Weight: 1.75
Price: $53.90
Quantity in Basket: none

The International Code of Signals were first published in 1931 and have been used every since. Each flag has a specific meaning, and by flying a sequence of flags together, you can send a very specific message. These flags are a great means of communication when the sender and receiver don’t speak the same language.

A Alpha - I have a diver down; keep clear and pass at low speed.
B Bravo - I am loading, unloading or carrying dangerous goods.
C Charlie - Yes (confirming a preceding signal).
D Delta - Keep clear, I am maneuvering with difficulty.
E Echo - I am altering course to starboard.
F Foxtrot - I am disabled, communicate with me.
G Golf - I require a pilot. On a fishing vessel: I am hauling in nets.
H Hotel - I have a pilot on board.
I India - I am altering course to port.
J Juliet - I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board; keep clear.
K Kilo - I wish to communicate with you.
L Lima- You should stop your vessel immediately.
M Mike- My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.
N November - No or negative (in response to a preceding signal).
O Oscar - Man overboard.
P Papa - I am about to put to sea.
Q Quebec - My vessel is healthy and I request clearance to come into port.
R Romeo - Single letter code R has no allocated meaning.
S Sierra - I am moving astern under power.
T Tango - Keep clear, I am engaged in trawling.
U Uniform - You are running into danger.
V Victor - I require assistance.
W Whisky - I require medical assistance.
X X-ray - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.
Y Yankee - I am dragging my anchor.
Z Zulu - O require a tug. On a fishing vessel: I am laying nets.

AP/CF - Answering Pennant/Code Flag. Flown to the end or acknowledge a message and/or show that the international code flags are being used.

0 to 9 - Pennants indicating numerals.
FS - First substitute (for the first flag in the hoist).
SS - Second substitute (for the second flag in the hoist).
TS - Third substitute (for the third flag in the hoist).